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Welcome to Train Traveller

A website about train travel for railway fans, train travellers and commuters

"Hi, I'm Stephen Yarrow. Thank you for visiting my website. My love of trains and train travel began when, as a boy in 1950s England, I took great delight in standing on a bridge as a steam train passed underneath, belching smoke all over me as it emerged from the other side. I created this website not as a comprehensive guide to all things railways - I leave that to the experts who share their knowledge and expertise on the plethora of sites created by and for diehard railway buffs and those who work on the railways - nor to compete with other railway-themed websites. It is by no means comprehensive, nor does it pretend to be, as it was created as a vehicle to share my experiences as a rail traveller.

"I am open to correction if I haven't got my facts right, and I welcome contributions from readers who would like to share their own travel experiences alongside mine. The website is very much a labour of love - it is not associated with a travel business and the only income it generates are spotters fees when readers purchase goods and services from third party suppliers."


Pocket Oz websites

Where to go, what to do and how to get there


Some of my favourites places in Australia

Only In Australia

Stories, facts and myths that could only happen in Australia.

The first time the Union Jack was flown in Australia, it was flown upside down, and in order to fire a 6 gun salute to it, they had to borrow gunpowder from the French because the English forgot to bring their own.

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