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Iconic Trains

sydney wildlife whale watching The Ghan

sydney wildlife whale watching Indian Pacific

sydney wildlife whale watching Spirit of Queensland

sydney wildlife whale watching Sydney-Melbourne XPT

sydney wildlife whale watching Savannahlander

sydney wildlife whale watching Spirit of The Outback

sydney wildlife whale watching Kuranda Railway

sydney wildlife whale watching The Gulflander

Iconic Trains of Yesteryear Iconic Trains of Yesteryear

Classic Railway Stations

When travelling by train, it is very easy to get the feel of what a place is like by taking a look at its railway station. We visit a cross section of Australian railway stations, from the nation's busiest to some that haven't seen a passenger step onto their platforms for many a year.

Lost Railway Services

During the latter half of the 19th century, governments across Australia caught the railway bug and laid railway tracks all over the country. A century later, with new modes of transport biting into their profitability, many services were modified or closed altogether.

Australia's Heritage Railways

Heritage railways operate apart from mainstream rail travel and are oriented mostly towards historical railways and heritage train travel. Heritage railways are an integral part of industrial tourism and in most cases, they are are the last bastion of working steam locomotives in their respective regions.

Australia's Miniature Railways

The nostalgic appeal of steam railways has led to the development of an offshoot hobby called Live Steam, where devotees can actually purchase and run their very own steam locomotives. The term live steam usually refers to a model steam locomotive, or any other steam-operated model that is powered by steam produced by boiling water, often built by a hobbyist model engineer.

Moments In Time

The Railway Gauge Fiasco

When railways were beginning on the Australian, the three major Australian colonies at the time failed to follow advice from the British Government to adopt a uniform gauge in case the lines of the various states should ever meet. In time they did meet, with dire consequences for passengers and goods handlers alike.

History of Railways in South Australia

South Australia is one of the youngest colonies in the nation, and the only one which resulted from extensive planning prior to settlement. Governor Hindmarsh arrived in 1836 at a time when technological advances in agriculture and transport were to play a large role in the development of South Australia.

The Story of Sydney's Railways

The first public railway to be constructed in Sydney was a private venture linking Sydney and Parramatta. The builders of the single track line went bankrupt 23 days before the inaugural train journey was scheduled to be made. The Government stepped in, enabling the project to be completed on time.

Australia's Great Train Robbery

Many stories about railways have featured robbery and theft. Western movies regularly had trains robbed and indeed reflected reality to some degree. Britain had its great train robbery yet here in Australia, rarely is the topic ever mentioned, even though Australia has its own Great Train Robbery story.

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