Customised Travel Guide
With Built-in Digital Business Card

Customised Travel Guide
Imagine having a phone and tablet-friendly travel website free of advertising to which you could direct your customers. You send them a link, they download the app button to their device's home screen. They can now plan their trip to Europe or the United Kingdom, and get back to you with their itinerary for you book it for them. During their travels they use the same guide to visit places to see and do along the way.

If they need to contact you during their travels, your app button gives them easy access to you by phone, email or your website. And after they get home they you are just the click of a button away when ready to plan and book their next trip.

Imagine no more - the Suitcase and Passport Online Travel Guide is here!

Digital Business Card

How It Works

We replace our Suitcase and Passport website homepage with your own customed design homepage, which incroporates a digital business card. This page is your home screen. A custom-designed app button opens it, or it can be bookmarked in the user's web browser.

Your app button, downloadable from your home screen, gives them instant access to your Travel Guide and to you at any time. To contact you your customers don't even need to look up your phone number or web address, your Digital Business Card will put them straight through at the touch of a button.

Digital Business Card

The homescreen of your Customised Travel Guide With Built-in Digital Business Card includes

- one touch access to automatic dialing of your phone number and emailing you
- one touch access to your website
- one touch access to any online promotions you might have
- an "Around Me" GPS menu - to find nearby ATMs, pharmacies, service stations, etc. and gives access to news, weather, sports results, what's on locally and more wherever they are in the world - all from your Digital Business Card.

Your Customised Travel Guide With Built-in Digital Business Card is stored online on our website, so it's easy to make changes, it takes up a tiny amount of data on a user's device, and costs a fraction of an app to create.

Note: On the a demonstration version below, pages or links may not be displayed exactly as they will appear on a mobile device's screen. To return to the home screen at any time, tap any button across the bottom of the phone.

Working Demo

Travel Guide Content

The content of the Suitcase and Passport website is drawn from our experiences and that of a number of other travel writers and bloggers. It is updated and added to on a regular basis. Should you have suggestions on improving its content, or you have material which you feel should be added to the website, we are open to changing or adding to the content accordingly, including reviews of products and services, provided it does not constitute advertising. Package tours are not within the scope of the website at the moment, so we would rather not cover them.


Your Customised Travel Guide and Digital Business Card is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and all other operating systems. It has its own IP address; by entering its web address into a web browser, it can also be viewed as a web page on a computer.

Add Facebook for free

Add Facebook for free

Your Facebook page can be embedded into your home screen at no extra charge. As you update and change your Facebook page, users automatically see the updated information every time they open your digital business card. Users don't have to have a Facebook account or use their Facebook app to view your Facebook page.

Distributing Your Travel Guide and Digital Business Card

A QR Code which opens your home screen on any digital device when scanned is the easiest way to distribute your Customised Travel Guide and Digital Business Card. We provide you with a digital file of your QR code. We recommend you use the QR Code on other promotional material such as brochures, flyers, emails and on your website to gain maximum benefit.

Distributing Your Digital Business Card

The QR code appears on your hojme screen, allowing your Customised Travel Guide and Digital Business Card to be be easily shared by you with your customers and by them with their friends. To pass it on to your customers, all you need to do is open your home screen on your phone, show them the guide and invite them to scan the QR code with their phone or tablet. Alternatively, you can do it for them - it's easy and takes just a few seconds.

By following a simple 2-step process explained onscreen, users can download your App button to their home screen (or you can offer to do this for them), giving then one-touch access to you via your Customised Travel Guide and Digital Business Card. Alternatively, they can bookmark it in their web browser as they would bookmark a website, or open it through their QR Code App via the link it saved when the code was scanned. If the user has an iPhone or iPad, your QR code can be scanned with the device's camera.

We will also provide you with a digital Contact file that can be forwarded by email. When tapped on a mobile device or computer, this PDF file will open your Customised Travel Guide and Digital Business Card on that device.

Digital Business Card

Annual subscription - $150.00

Plus $30.00 Set-up (once-only charge) which includes a point of sale starter pack containing a PDF with a built-in link to your digital business card, providing access to it by email, and a digital QR code to put on your website and your promotional material.

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