Pocket Oz travel and Information Hotspots put Australia at your fingertips. An ever growing number of Hotspots now cover hundreds of towns and cities in every region across Australia, bringing vital information for travellers and locals to their mobile devices either through their web browser, or a downloadable button that looks and works like an app.

Personalised Hotspots for Businesses

Businesses can have their own personalised hotspot for use by their clients. Not only does it access a visitor and information guide of your local community and/or region, it also includes buttons that give your clients one-touch access to you by email or phone (auto dialing of your phone number), GPS directions to your premises from anywhere in Australia, and one touch access to your facebook page (it can even be embedded into your hotspot), website and online reservation facilities - all from your Pocket Oz hotspot. A Personalised Pocket Oz hotspot is a cheap, easy and inobtrusive way to get your clients to put your digital calling card on their mobile device.

Sample Personalised Hotspots

If you are viewing this website on a mobile device, click one of the links below to see a Hotspot in action. If you are viewing on a business or home computer, Click Here

Hobart Midcity Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania

Georgie & Chels Cafe, Oatley, New South Wales

How pocket Oz Works

Pocket Oz is the fast way to access the Australia For Everyone network of Travel and Information Websites from a mobile device. Pocket Oz provides a downloadable link to the Australia For Everyone website of your choice. You can connect to the information hotspot of selected localities right now by clicking the button on the Pocket Oz locality menu on this page. When accessed from a mobile device, the Pocket Oz information hotspot will appear. When accessed by a computer or large screen mobile device, the Australia For Everyone website for that locality will appear.

You can also link your device by one of these methods - type in the locality's Pocket Oz web address in your device's web browser; scan a QR code that links your device to the locality's hotspot; download a hotlink icon to your home screen from the locality's hotspot. Once you have accessed a hotspot, it is easy to move from one locality to another without having to download another hotlink icon or scan a QR code for other localities. One QR code or screen icon puts the whole of Australia at your fingertips.

The simple instructions on how to download a hotlink icon to your device's homescreen is included on every Pocket Oz Hotspot.

For one-touch access on your phone or tablet to our online Australia For Everyone Guide to Australia, you can download a hotlink icon to your device's homescreen. Follow the simple instructions below for the type of mobile device you are using:

Android: Open this page in Google Chrome. Tap the menu button and tap "Add to homescreen". Chrome will add it to your home screen. If using Firefox for Android, tap the menu button, tap the Page option, and tap Add to Home Screen.

IOS (iPhone; iPad): Open this page in Safari. Tap the Share button on the browser's toolbar - that's the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. It's on the bar at the top of the screen on an iPad, and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Tap the "Add to Home Screen" icon in the Share menu.

BlackBerry: Open this website in your web browser. Press the three dot menu button and select "Add to Home Screen".

Windows: Open this website in Internet Explorer. Tap the More ( &) button and tap Pin to Start in the menu that appears. Windows Phone 8.1 supports live tile updates from websites that have configured the feature, just as Windows 8 does.

Other phones: if you have another type of smartphone or tablet, it probably has a screen icon download feature, too. Just open its browser and look in its menu for an option named something like "Add to home screen" or "Pin to home screen."