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Destinations By The Underground

Destinations in and around London that are listed here include places we have been to and found of interest to us as visitors to London. As with all places, the locals are more familiar with their city than visitors will ever be, so we have included a link to a list of online websites, blogs and video walks which present the city from a local's perspective.

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Day Trips From London

There are many destinations in the south of England that can be reached easily from London within an hour or two, either by train or by car. We have selected 12 that we have visited that provide the perfect day out.

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London Underground

Getting Around

Unless you are a glutton for punishment, don't hire a car and try to drive around inner London. It's too busy, too expensive and too difficult to find your way around, get parking etc., unless you are a local or have the knowledge of a local. London is that sort of place. If you intend to hire a car and visit others parts of Britain after your visit to London, get yourself a Visitors Oyster Card and do all your travelling in and around London using it, and leave picking up a hire car until after London. An Oyster Card, which is London's version of the cashless travel ticket, lets you travel on above ground trains, underground trains and buses so there isn't a corner of London that you might choose to visit that your Oyster Card can't take you there. The pre-paid cards come with some credit included. You tap on at the beginning of every journey and tap off at the end, and the cost of travel is automatically deducted from your credit. A visitors Oyster Card has a fixed maximum charge per day if your first journey of the day begins outside of the morning peak period.

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