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The advent of the jet airliner in the 1960s brought a major change to how people travelled around the globe. No longer did it have to take weeks to travel from point A to B - now you could fly to just about anywhere in the world in a day or less. For many, the novelty soon wore off, and flying quickly became a chore and a hassle. But anyone who had travelled by sea knew that something was missing - the ability to lounge in a deckchair, mingle with fellow travellers, be pampered, dine with elegant sufficiency - what was missing was the romance of sea travel. Back in the 1930s, a number of shipping lines had experimented with the idea of cruising, where, instead of the voyage being the means to get to one's holiday destination, the voyage itself would now be the destination. Existing passenger liners were quickly modified and new ones were built as floating holiday resorts. They were marketed appropriately, as everything from "Love Boats" to "Fun Ships", and the world's holidaymakers fell in love with cruising.

Golden Princess, Sydney Harbour

Cruising from Sydney

Cruises from Australian ports like Sydney allow Australians to discover the wonders of their own backyard, explore the beautiful islands of the South Pacific, or soak up the beauty of New Zealand. But if your eyes are set on further horizons, such as Hawaii, Asia, or even a World Cruise, Sydney still makes the perfect starting point. The New South Wales capital is Australia's premier cruise destination, cruises depart from Sydney year-round, but the peak cruising season is from October to April.
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Cruising Europe

Europe is a delightfully multifaceted cruise destination, with some of the world's most impressive coastal cities just a short boat ride apart. Linger in the extravagant oceanfront principality of Monaco one day and stroll around the Colosseum in Rome the next. On just one Europe cruise, you can experience Nordic hospitality in Oslo and take a shore excursion to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Depending on which direction you go, a cruise to Europe could involve gliding beneath the aurora borealis or swimming in the balmy Aegean Sea along a sun-soaked Greek island.
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Cruising Europe's Rivers

Planning on goiing to Europe but tired of hopping in and out of motor coaches or checking out of hotels at 6 a.m. on traditional land tours? A river cruise offers the convenience and luxury of a deep-ocean cruise combined with the in-depth experience of a land tour and the personal freedom of a river cruise. Step aboard. Unpack once. Explore, and enjoy.
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What Is Cruising Like?

If you've never been on a cruise before and you'd like to try it out, do as we did and make your first cruising experience a trip up or down the Australian coast. You need only spend a day or two at sea to get a taste of what cruising is all about. Better still, click the link below and come with us on our first cruise and we'll share our experiences.
Our First Cruise

Australia's First Cruise Ship

As she inched slowly away from the berth, the departure of P&O's new gleaming-white ship, RMS Strathaird, heralded the beginning of a new era, though few of the hundreds of people lining the ship's rails or waving from the shore realised the magnitude of the occasion. Strathaird was sailing away for a five-night cruise with just two ports of call - Brisbane and Norfolk Island. It was the beginning of P&O Cruises' first cruise from Australia and was one of the world's first cruises.
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