Maritime Destinations

Australian Ports of Call

The efficiency of Australia's shipping industry, ports and the links to them, on both land and sea-sides, is critical for our national economy. As an island nation, we rely on shipping for both international trade and domestic freight movements (coastal trading). Our major ports and related infrastructure provide the key locations for supply chain activities servicing both bulk and container facilities.

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European Cruise Destinations

The immense popularity of Europe cruise vacations means that there are numerous ship options. Smaller luxury vessels can take you and a more intimate group around quieter ports such as Tallinn or Portofino. Major cruise lines all run expeditions around some of Europe's most famous sites in big-capacity, family-friendly vessels. Itineraries and timelines vary. The variety of destinations for Europe cruises also means that the best time of year to visit changes according to where you are. Cruises to the Baltic and Scandinavia are largely limited to the sunny summer months of July and August. In the Mediterranean, you can find Europe cruise deals in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall.

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