Great Scenic Journeys of Australia

The pick of Australia's Great Scenic Journeys ... in which getting there is truly half the fun.

Rail: Savannahlander

I magical ride through the outback of far North Queensland, beginning in Cairns and journeying through the Atherton Tablelands and across the vast Savannah region of Northern Australia.

Rail: The Indian Pacific

Travel on one of the world's longest train journeys - across the vast continent of Australia, from Sydney and the Pacific Ocean on the east coast, to Perth and the Indian Ocean on the west coast. Approx. 72 hours.

Road: Pacific Coast Drive

Drive along the coast that Lieut. James Cook travelled on his epic voyage of exploration in 1770, mapping the east coast of Australia for the first time. Visits Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Rail: The Ghan

Whereas the Indian Pacific travels from east to west, The Ghan travels north to south, providing a rail link between Darwin and Adelaide via Alice Springs. The Ghan is a great way to see Australia's Red centre - you get a real feel for the scale of the Australian outback, which you simply don't on an aeroplane.

Cruise The Kimberley Coast

The region known simply as The Kimberley takes its evocative name from its most imposing landmark; an ancient mountain range visible from the rugged sea coast. That coast is nothing short of stunning, there is no other stretch of coastline in Australia that comes near in terms of its ability to inspire awe and wonder.

Road: Cross The Nullarbor Plain

Driving across the Nullarbor Plain is for many the quintessential experience of the Australian Outback. It is the ultimate Australian Road Trip and one every Australian should do at least once in their lifetime, if only to experience the changes when travelling from one side to the other.

Railway Journeys of Australia

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