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About Stephen Yarrow

Stephen Yarrow is the piublisher and creator of the Pocket Oz travel and information website network, and looks after the editorial content of yhose websites. Stephen has many years experience in the printing and publishing industries. He spent a number of years as a freelance journalist for a Perth newspaper, for whom he wrote a number of regular columns and became highly sought after for the copywriting and editoral skills. During this time he published three books which he wrote, designed and produced the artwork for.

As the Managing Editor of Video News and the trade publication, Video International, during the 1980s and 90s, Stephen was involved in all aspects of production of the publication, from advertising sales, copywriting, page layout and design through to following the magazine through the printing process. This gave him invaluable experience working to tight deadlines and producing highly visual artwork and editorial copy for a demanding industry. He has also managed a full colour printing business, where his responsibilities included the production and supervision of its graphic arts activities.

Stephen has a love of travel, and the content of the Australia For Everyone and Pocket Oz websites is drawn from his experiences visiting all parts of Australia over many years. During his travels, he has made a point of listening to the experiences of other travellers, particularly those from overseas, to find out what interests them about Australia, what they came to see and what they saw that took them by surprise. From the locals he has learnt about all the great destinations that aren't on the regular tourist tracks.

Having travelled many times on a very limited budget, Stephen has experience in making one's travel dollars go as far as they possibly can. As a result, the websites contain many tips on how to see as much as possible within a limited amount of time, and on a showstring budget.

Pocket Oz and its associated websites have been compiled by Stephen from material supplied to him, and is published as information only. The publishers are not responsible for its accuracy and inclusion of information about travel and holiday destinations within Australia on this site or other sites linked to it does not constitute any representation or offer by the businesses, services or organisations contained therein, nor are the views or opinions expressed therein necessarily those of this website's publishers.

Our Products and Services

Pocket Oz is a series of phone and tablet friendly webpages and apps that give access to Australia For Everyone and its associated websites on mobile devices.

At the core of our business is Australia For Everyone, a network of travel and information websites covering all states, territories, capital cities and regions of Australia. Besides our generic Pocket Oz website and web apps, we create personalised versions for individuals, business and organisations which display their message and information each time their personalised website entry page or web app is opened.

The Pocket Oz websites and web apps link to provide both the resident and visitor with information about Australia as a country, and what it has to offer as a travel or holiday destination, with suggestions on how to make their journey more enjoyable and rewarding. The Australia For Everyone travel and information websites are interlinked, allowing users to pass seemlessly from one to another as they move from one region to another in their travels, all the websites for other Australian states, territories and capital cities are similarly interlinked both to each other.

With just two taps, users can place a web app button on the home screen of just about any smart phone or tablet (Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry). The web app button downloads direct from the home page without users having to visit an app store.

Most Australian travel websites promote a particular region, place, attraction or area of interest. Australia For Everyone is different, in that it is not designed to promote anything in particular, but rather to share with our readers about places we've been to, journeys we've made and things we've done in our travels around Australia.

Our pages contain links to many other websites to provide our readers the opportunity to gather further information on a particular travel service or destination, and to book their travel arrangements online should they so wish. For this reason we invite Australian tourism and travel business operators to submit their websites for us to assess. We will then provide hyperlinks to websites we recommend. It would be appreciated if linked sites returned the favour and provided a link on their website back to us. Users can seemlessly pass from any one to another with a single click or tap.

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